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PDF Downloads

Astro Nav (Bowditch Celestial Nav Manual)

Chart NP5011

Celestial Nav

‘Flat Earth’ Navigation (or Plane Sailing) by J Wylie

Sextant User Guide

Setting Sail – Beginners Guide to wind on sails

Suzuki DT2 Handbook

Suzuki DT2 Parts

S-L Seawolf Windlass

Alternator Handbook

12v Handbook

Met Forecast Proforma

CEVNI Symbols 1 (PBO)

CEVNI Symbols 2 (PBO)

Rule 19 Conduct of vessels in restricted visibility


Osmosis handbook 9a

7zip Downloads

CM93 – This is a link to my public Dropbox which holds the 2011 CM93 chart set in an 82 x 10Mb zip set.

I did it that way because the overall size is large and takes a long time to download, so if a small file fails to download it’s quick to reload it. They are zipped my me, so I know that they are a clean copy, no trojans or viruses​.

They are zipped as a linked set using 7zip, I’m not sure if you need to use 7zip to unpack them or if other modern zippers can handle them, but 7zip is readily available HERE


  1. Jean-Yves Ruys says:


    Nice website!
    Planning a sailing week with friends in a bareboat charter along the Jurassic coast this may, I was looking for local sailor’s info on the capes and races and found your website.
    We do this area for the first time (we sail our own boats in Belgium and the Netherlands) and our former sailing weeks together were Brittany and the Channel Islands most of the time. Keep up the good work and thanks for the useful info !

    Best regards,

  2. Nigel says:


    Excellent site, full of great informatio, however far south of Portland bill would you pass during Neap tides.

    Many thanks


    • Monty Mariner says:

      PB is more wind dependant than lunar.
      Inner passage – upto a 4 if into wind, 5 if a big boat, up that all by one if going with the wind. Stay spitting distance in.
      Outside the race, 5 to 6 miles off then PB has no real effect.
      Thanks for your comment, Monty

  3. Paul says:

    What superb information and an excellent website.

    Thank You and Regards

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