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Tide Stream Charts

Beaufort & Wave Scale

English Channel (Dover)       English Channel kap files for OpenCPN

Portland Bill                              Portland Bill kap files for OpenCPN

Solent West                              Solent West kap files for OpenCPN

Solent East                               Solent East kap files for OpenCPN

Channel Islands (Paimpol to St Vaast)  CI’s kap files for OpenCPN

Alderney                                   Alderney kap files for OpenCPN

North Brittany (Cherbourg to Brest) N Brittany kap files for OpenCPN

Poole to St Albans Head (Slack Water timings)

Portland Race (basic quick view)

Isle of Wight (basic quick view)

Central Channel (basic quick view)

Western Approach (basic quick view)

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