PDF Downloads

Astro Nav (Bowditch Celestial Nav Manual)

Chart NP5011

Celestial Nav

‘Flat Earth’ Navigation (or Plane Sailing) by J Wylie

Sextant User Guide

Setting Sail – Beginners Guide to wind on sails

Suzuki DT2 Handbook

Suzuki DT2 Parts

S-L Seawolf Windlass

Alternator Handbook

12v Handbook

Met Forecast Proforma

CEVNI Symbols 1 (PBO)

CEVNI Symbols 2 (PBO)

Rule 19 Conduct of vessels in restricted visibility


Osmosis handbook 9a


7zip Downloads

CM93 – This is a link to my public Dropbox which holds the 2011 CM93 chart set in an 82 x 10Mb zip set.

I did it that way because the overall size is large and takes a long time to download, so if a small file fails to download it’s quick to reload it. They are zipped my me, so I know that they are a clean copy, no trojans or viruses​.

They are zipped as a linked set using 7zip, I’m not sure if you need to use 7zip to unpack them or if other modern zippers can handle them, but 7zip is readily available HERE