Grab Bag

The ORC recommends that a “Grab Bag” accompanies each liferaft.

The following contents are recommended and should be appropriately packed and waterproofed
(packing should be openable by wet fingers without tools):

– spare sea anchor (drogue) and line for the liferaft
– two safety tin openers
– waterproof hand-held VHF transceiver
– waterproof hand-held GPS
– EPIRB for 406MHz (“GPIRB” type, or INMARSAT “E” -which is also of the “GPIRB” type- recommended)
– a first aid kit
– one plastic drinking vessel graduated in 10, 20 and 50 cubic cm
– two or more “cyalume” sticks
– two watertight floating flashlights or torches
– one daylight signalling mirror and one signalling whistle
– at least two red parachute flares and three red hand flares
– non-thirst provoking rations and barley sugar or equivalent
– watertight receptacles containing fresh water (at least half a litre per person)
– nylon string, polythene bags, seasickness tablets
– a SART (Search and Rescue Transponder beacon) is worth considering.
              (This device creates a distinctive “distress” signal on commercial ships 9GHz radar screens.)